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Elvis - january 8


The reason for this site - one of my reasons to live - was born this day in Tupelo.
I'd say he wasnt one in a billion, he was THE one.


Elvis have reached the age of 11 years. From his parents he gets, instead of a bicycle or gun, a guitar which his mother Gladys buys in the hardware store.


For Elvis' 12 birthday Vernon buys a stripping book of George Price. His father wrote in the book: May your birthday be sprinkled through with joy and love and good times too.
'Daddy 08-01-47'. Elvis saved this book and it's known Elvis brought this book with him to Germany.


On his 20:th birthday Elvis performed in Schreveport. Louisiana Hayride.


Elvis and Red West flies to Memphis.


The Memphis Draft Board holds a press conference to declare Elvis Presley a "1A," or fit for Army service.
Elvis celebrated his birthday at home with his parents. While he was home Elvis stopped by to see Dixie Locke, who was recently married


Elvis was photographed on the stairs inside Graceland, with a March of Dimes poster girl.
She was waiting for more than 2 hours before the picture was taken.


Elvis celebrated his 24:th birthday in Germany


Elvis was interviewed by Dick Clark on this birthday for American Bandstand.
Elvis spoke about his upcoming recording session, his appearance on the Frank Sinatra television show and his new Paramount picture, titled G.I. Blues. Later in the evening Elvis celebrated at a local recreation center with about 200 guests, including Priscilla. Joe Esposito and the group gave Elvis a trophy with the inscription: " Elvis Presley. Most Valuable Player. Bad Nauheim Sunday Afternoon Football Association, 1959."


For Elvis' 26th birthday, the cast and crew of his latest film,
Wild In The Country, presents him with a joke plaque inscribed "Happy Birthday,
King Karate," a reference to Presley's penchant for the martial art.
Elvis signs a five-picture deal directly with producer Hal Wallis,
calling for him to act in one picture per year for five years. However,
it is not his only film commitment.


Elvis turns 27 while vacationing on one of his many trips to Las Vegas, throwing a (private) party at the Sahara hotel to celebrate.


Elvis celebrated his 29:th birthday quietly at home.


Elvis turns 30, an event not unnoticed by several Memphis newspapers, who wonder if this, especially in the light of the British
Invasion, isn't the end of an era. For his part, The King celebrates quietly with Priscilla and family at Graceland.


Elvis turns 31 and holds another closed-theater screening in Memphis' Memphian moviehouse,
this time the classic comedy epic It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. That same day, RCA sends a congratulatory telegram, somewhat suspiciously claiming that 1965 was "the biggest of all the ten years you have spent with us."


Elvis has a quiet gathering at Graceland for his 32nd birthday, with the only outside guest being the Jordanaires' Gordon Stoker.


Elvis celebrated his 33th birthday at Graceland, attending the movies at the Memphian later in the evening.


Elvis celebrated his 34th birthday at Graceland.


On his 36:th birthday Elvis goes on another spending binge, purchasing a number of law enforcement-related equipment, including guns, holsters, handcuffs, flashing lights and chemical weapon. Elvis had a police radio installed in his Mercedes.
Over the next few days he would purchase a number of Smith & Wesson pistols as well as additional police equipment.


Elvis invites Congressional aide Joyce Bova -- a new flame he met while married to Priscilla -- to Memphis for his 37th birthday.


On the occasion of his thirty-ninth birthday, "Elvis Presley Day" is declared in both the city and county of Memphis, followed by a parade down Elvis Presley Boulevard.


Distraught over the landmark of his 40th birthday, Elvis spends the day in his bedroom at Graceland without visitors, where he has been since at least Christmas.


On his birthday, Elvis and company are skiing in Vail, Colorado. Presley, however, uses only a snowmobile, and only at night. President Ford's daughter, Susan, complains, leading the National Enquirer to sniff around and publish bizarre stories of Elvis snowmobiling at night.
Elvis spent the evening of his birthday with Jerry Schilling and Myrna Smith.
There was a great deal of tension on this vacation, mostly due to Elvis changes of mood and Elvis was not feeling very well this evening until Myrna revealed that she had not seen one of his favorite recent films, Across 110th Street. Elvis recited every line of dialogue from the picture.


Elvis celebrates his 42nd and last birthday in Palm Springs with girlfriend Ginger Alden and her sister, Rosemary.

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