torsdag 24 maj 2012

Elvis - may 24


Priscilla Ann Wagner was born in Brooklyn, New York


Elvis flew to the next gig with Gene Smith and Tom Diskin while the band drove again.
Elvis performed at the Municipal Auditorium Arena, Kansas City, Missouri.
However, there was a big riot and DJ's drums and Bill's bass were smashed,
while DJ himself was thrown into the orchestra pit.
The next day the paper wrote: "Elvis Presley flees to car after 20 minutes on stage."
at 4.35 Elvis flew to Detroit.


Elvis had a meeting with Currie Grant, an airman whom Vernon and Lamar had already met in


Elvis bought Priscilla a special Happy Birthday charm with rubies and sapphires.


Elvis held a surprise party at Graceland for Priscilla's birthday.


Elvis performed at the High Sierra Room, Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, Nevada


Elvis performed at the Civic Center, Augusta, Maine at 8:30 pm. Elvis wore the Mexican
sundial suit with original belt.

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