fredag 6 juli 2012

Elvis - July 6


Elvis takes his first day of the vacation to drive down to Tupelo for the day.
Also, he visits 12 year old Ellen Mincey at the St. Joseph's hospital in Memphis.
Ellen and her mother were injured when they reterned home from a picnic to get
ready to see Elvis in Russwood Park the days before.


Elvis received a speeding ticket in Forth Worth.


During an interview with the Memphis Press-Scimitar,
Elvis said about his new stepmother:
" She seems pretty nice. I only had one mother and that's it. There'll never be another.
As long as she understands that, we wont' have any trouble."


Elvis arrived in a chartered bus in Crystal River, Florida for the start of the filming of
Follow That Dream.


Elvis went to the RCA studio on Sunset to rehearse for his upcoming show.


Elvis was introduced to Linda Thompson for the first time.


Elvis presented J.D.Sumner with a check for $25,000 to purchase a new touring bus for the Stamps

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