måndag 3 september 2012

Elvis - September 3


Elvis performed twice this day. First in "The Big "D" Jamboree Sportatorium" Dallas, Texas and
"The Roundup Club" Dallas, Texas


For the 3rd day Elvis went to the Radio Recorders studio on Santa Monica Boulevard.
He worked from 2.00 to 8.30 p.m.


Elvis went from Portland to Los Angeles by train, where he checked into the Beverly Wilshire


Elvis bought a black Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II.


Elvis performed at the Showroom, International Hotel, Las Vegas


Elvis performed at the Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas.


Elvis performed at the Showroom, Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas


Elvis performed at the Showroom, Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas
This was a very memorial day for Elvis and the group.
Elvis concluded the engagement by arriving on stage for his final show on Lamar's
back with a toy monkey attached to his neck. Then he joked around with the crowd,
tossing back and forth on a bed (provided by Sonny on stage),
 while singing What Now My Love. He even mentioned that he was treated poorly by the Hotel.
At the end of the show he tried to make up for this by stating:
" I know we kid a lot and have fun and everything, but we really love to sing,
play music and entertain people. As long as I can do that, I'll be a happy old sonofabitch."
The Colonel was not pleased at all, by Elvis' behaviour and they even got into a public
shouting in the dressing room with a lot of members of the group present at that time.
Later that night Elvis fired the Colonel, but the Colonel had already quitted himself.
He wanted all the money Elvis owed him and then he moved to his suite to draw up the bill.


Elvis went to a Tom Jones' show at Caesars Palace, accompanied by Sheila


Elvis performed at the Bayfront Center, St. Petersburg, Florida at 8:30 p.m. The crowd was
8000 and elvis wore "White Egyptian bird" suit with "Inca gold leaf" suit belt.

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