måndag 23 april 2012

Elvis - april 23


Elvis performed in "Louisiana Hayride" Heart O'Texas Arena, Waco, Texas


Elvis performed at the Venus Room, New Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas at 8.00 p.m. and midnight.
Elvis opened a 2 week engagement in front of an older audience.
Later Elvis recalled: " after the first night I went outside and just walked around in the dark. It was awful. I wasn't getting across to the audience."
But never the less Elvis fell in love with this city and he was thrilled to meet so
many show business legends


Elvis arrived at Graceland at 9.00 p.m. and was welcomed by about 50 fans at the gates.


Elvis arrived in Palm Springs where he remained until April 28.


Elvis bought a Sony tape recorder,
some speakers and a bass guitar at Bel Air Camera and Hi Fi.


Elvis performed at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California at 8:30 pm. the crowd
was 8500 and Elvis wore the "Orange Sunburst" suit with original belt and orange cape


Elvis flew to Macon, Georgia to begin with a tour.


Elvis performed at the McNichols Arena Denver, Colorado at 8:30 pm. The crowd was 19000 and
Elvis wore "the White Egyptian bird" suit with original belt.


Elvis performed at the University of Toledo Centennial Hall, Toledo, Ohio at 8:30pm. The
crowd was 9800 and Elvis wore the Mexican sundial suit with original belt.

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