måndag 30 april 2012

Elvis - april 30


Elvis performed in "Louisiana Hayride" Gladewater, Texas.


Elvis worked on soundtrack recordings at Radio Recorders from 10.00 a.m. to 6.10 p.m.
It was at this sessions that Elvis first met with Leiber and Stoller.


Elvis was visited by Larry Geller for the first time.
Geller replaced Elvis' regular hairdresser and the two of them became good friends.


Elvis performed at the Denver Coliseum, Denver, Colorado at 8 pm. The crow was 13000 and Elvis
wore the "1973 American eagle" with the second belt. After the show Elvis
went to the Sahara Tahoe Hotel.


Elvis performed at the Omni. Atlanta, Georgia at 8:30 pm. The crowd was 17228 and Elvis wore
"White two-piece" suit with blue shoulder ornaments.


Elvis performed at the High Sierra Theater, Sahara Tahoe, Stateline, Nevada. The opening show was
at 8:15 pm and at midnight Elvis made a second concert this day. Unfortunatly I have no records of
crowdnumbers or Elvis attire.
This was the opening night of the Tahoe engagement and Elvis was not well at all.


Elvis performed at the Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota at 8:30 pm. The crowd was 17000 and
Elvis wore the Mexican sundial with original belt.

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