fredag 1 juni 2012

Elvis - june 1


Vernon moves to Perchman prison while Gladys and Elvis moves to Mapole street.


Elvis performed in "The High School Auditorium" Guymon, Oklahoma


Elvis made a surprise visit to the Overton Park Shell in Memphis.
Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and Warren Smith were performing there


Dressed in full uniform, Elvis took the time to explain his army insignia to fans at the
Graceland gates.


Elvis was promoted to Specialist 4th Class, raising his salary to $122.30 per month.


Elvis performed at the Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville Alabama at 2.30 and 8.30 p.m.
Both times the crowd was 8000. At 2:30 Elvis wore "Silver Phoenix" suit with original belt
and at 8:30 he wore "Black phoenix" suit with original belt.


Elvis performed at the Community Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona at 8:30 pm. The crowd was
10000 and Elvis wore the "White Egyptian bird" suit with original belt.


Elvis performed at the Coliseum, Macon, Georgia at 8:30 pm. The crowd was 10242 and Elvis
wore "Mexican sundial" suit with Original belt.

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