lördag 9 juni 2012

Elvis - june 9


Elvis performed at the State Fairgrounds Grandstand, Phoenix, Arizona.


Elvis reported to a music meeting at MGM for his new movie Girl Happy.


Just before leaving for California Priscilla learnt that she was pregnant.


After a very successful recording session in Nashville where thirty-five masters were
completed, Elvis flew home to Memphis.


Elvis gave a press conference at 4.00 p.m. at the Hilton.
Asked about his image as a shy, humble country boy, Elvis responded:
" I don't know what makes them say that", and stood up to reveal the International Hotel
gold belt under his jacket, with his father proudly beaming beside him.
Afterwards, at 8:30 Elvis performed at Madison Square Garden, New York where 20.000 fans
attended. Elvis wore the "Adonis" suit with the "Gold attendance" belt and a gold cape.


Elvis performed at the State Fair Coliseum, Jackson at 8:30 pm. The crowd was 12000 and Elvis
wore the Black Phoenix suit with Original belt.

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