onsdag 30 november 2011

Elvis - november 30


Elvis attends E.H Crump Memorial Football Game [see the photo] Elvis meets a fan, Sue Manker. Elvis missed to crown her as "Queen of half-time" but as seen on the photo, the consolation prize seems not too bad.


There was an architect hired to make plans for a nursery at Graceland and some other renovations.


For the following 3 days Elvis had rehearsals at noon in the showroom of the Las Vegas Hilton. Ordered by Dr. Nick, Elvis did only one show a night, except for Saturdays.


Elvis performed at the Convention Center, Anaheim, California. Now Linda had left,
Ginger attended the show and according to many Elvis ' performance improved.
Later Elvis told Larry Geller he was inspired by the presence of Ginger.

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