söndag 11 mars 2012

Elvis - march 11


Elvis performed in "The Jimmie Thompson`s Arena" Alexandria, Louisiana


Elvis had his hair dyed black and then gave Elizabeth driving lessons in the
yellow Lincoln he had bought for her to use. Charlie Hodge and Joe Esposito
came to Graceland too and were joined by Red West and Cliff Gleaves a little later.


Elvis begged Roustabout' director John Rich to let him do his own fight scenes.
Of course there was an accident and Elvis required stitches to sew up the cut above his eye.
However, there were no shooting days lost, because the motorcycle accident was already
filmed and Elvis cut could well be the result of that.


Elvis returned to Western Recorders to cut the vocal for "Almost In Love".


Elvis performed at the Coliseum, Hampton Roads, Virginia 8:30 p.m
The crowd was 10.957 and Elvis wore Aqua blue vine suit with the original belt


Elvis went into the RCA studio again, and worked just like the day before.
He recorded 4 masters once again, including "TROUBLE" and "Shake A Hand".

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