torsdag 8 mars 2012

Elvis - march 8


Elvis performed in "The Catholic Club" Helena, Arkansas


For the 2:nd time this month Elvis gets a ticket for too hard driving in Memphis.


Elvis went to Forrest Hill Cemetery to see for the first time the marker and stone angels
that had been placed at his mother's grave. From the time of her burial until her body was
moved to Graceland after Elvis' death, there was a standing order at Burke's
Florist to deliver fresh flowers once a week to her grave.


Elvis drove his Rolls to Nashville to be honored by the Tennessee legislature.
Accompanied by the governor's daughter Ann, Elvis got a private tour of the mansion.
On his way back to Memphis Elvis stopped at the Tennessee State Prison to visit Johnny Bragg, lead singer for the Prisonaires.


Script rehearsals continued at MGM.


On this and most other weekends during filming Elvis relaxed in Palm Springs.


Elvis and Priscilla attended the broadcast of the first Ali-Frazier fight at Ellis Auditorium. Elvis wore his gold "championship" belt from the International.
He was joined by a large group of guys and former sheriff Bill Morris.
Later in the evening Elvis went to the Memphian for the first time since his return
home and would attend the movies for the next 4 nights.


Elvis left Las Vegas and flew to Los Angeles where, except for occasional weekends in Palm Springs, he remained until the beginning of his April tour.


Elvis performed at the Civic Center, Monroe, Louisiana 8:30 pm.
The crowd was 8177 and Elvis wore the Blue sunburst suit with the original belt.

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