söndag 25 mars 2012

Elvis - march 25


Elvis performed in "The Dermott High School" Dermott, Arkansas


Elvis flies from New York to Los Angeles for a screentest in Hollywood.


Elvis sent a telegram of explanation and apology to Private Nixon, with whom there was an incident 3 days before. Then there was a meeting between Elvis and Judge Boushe in chambers and the incident was settled without legal action. Together with his parents, Elvis finalized their purchase of Graceland for $102,500 and within a few days Elvis hired a local interior decorator, George Golden.


At Fort Chaffee, Elvis got himself the traditional GI haircut before a crowd of reporters and photographers.


Elvis arrived home in Memphis for a couple of days.


Elvis performed at the Showroom, Las Vegas, Hilton, Las Vegas.


Elvis performed at the University of Oklahoma Lloyd Noble Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 8:30 pm. The crowd was 11415 and Elvis wore the Mexican sundial suit.

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