tisdag 20 september 2011

Elvis - september 20


The Presley `s move now to two-room house, existing from a kitchen and live/sleep room.
The house is the ground of the apartment block-system,
committed on the Winchester street 185.
The Presley `s live on no. 328. The building has been confessed better as
Lauderdale Courts. In this house Minnie Mae draw at the Presley `s in.
Ruby Black, the mother of Bill Black, is the neighbour.
Hiring is $35 per month.


Elvis performed in "The Danville Fairgrounds" Danville, Virginia


Elvis appeared on Memphis television station WKNO to promote traffic safety and driver


While Elvis was on the troop train bound for New York,
several friends caught up with the train in Memphis,
during refuelling. Elvis was introduced to a pretty girl from Mississippi,
Jane Wilbanks, whom he soon called from Germany.

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