onsdag 21 september 2011

Elvis - september 21


Elvis goes at work at Precision Tool again. He works with a Shred machine an a handdrill.
He gets $1,55 an hour. Elvis does this work untill March 1954.


Elvis performed in "The Memorial Auditorium" Raleigh, North Carolina


Elvis had received a copy of Poems That Touch The Heart from another soldier on the train,
on its way to New York. It somehow gave him some consolation on the long ride.
Somewhere along the way Elvis met with a little soldier, named Charlie Hodge.
Later on Charlie confessed that he was "bound and determined" to meet Elvis.


Elvis, always drawn to uniforms and badges, was appointed "Special Deputy Sheriff".
He told Sheriff Bill Morris: I've always been interested in law enforcement and in fact
even applied for a job as a Memphis policeman at age of 19.


Elvis signed a lease for one year for an very modern house in Palm Springs.


Elvis was made an honorary deputy sheriff of Shelby County by sheriff Roy. C . Nixon.


Elvis went to Memphis again and watched movies every night that he was at home either at
the Memphian or the Crosstown.


Elvis was visited by Lisa-Marie, who flew into Palm Springs along with Elvis'
dentist Max Shapiro.


Because Elvis was still in Memphis, Elvis made, with the help of Linda,
detailed plans for his new upcoming karate movie, to be called: The New Gladiators.
Elvis wanted this movie to promote his own philosophy that karate is a way for a
person to help himself.

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