lördag 10 september 2011

Elvis - september 10


Elvis performed in "Eagle`s Nest" Memphis.


Elvis performed in Schreveport "Louisiana Hayride" Louisiana


Elvis continued the filming of Love Me Tender during the day.
In the evening Elvis had a date with Natalie Wood.


Elvis reported for the shooting of some publicity pictures.


Elvis had some brief time between films and wanted to record some new songs and
material for new singles as well as bonus songs to fill out the Clamback soundtrack album.
One of the songs Elvis really wanted to do was Guitar Man.
They fooled around with the song, but couldn't replicate Reed's guitar.
So Reed was tracked down and asked to play along.
The result of this session was stunning. Unfortunately
there was a big misunderstanding about the rights of publishing and
after playing on Big Boss Man as well, Reed stormed out. They all went on till 5.30 a.m.
but the atmosphere was ruined.


Elvis flew to Las Vegas.


Elvis performed at the Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri.
For the very first time there was a sound system with onstage monitors which allowed
Elvis to really hear himself. This was an improvement.


Out on the highway in one of his 3-wheeled motorcycles Elvis was ticketed by a policeman.

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