söndag 4 september 2011

Very welcome!

I decided to make this blog for two reasons. The first is that Facebook has so much issues with their document-function and it takes so much time to upload photos and it almost never turns out the way I want. The 2:nd reason is that here on the blog we will have a much better overview of the posts. Is it even possible, on Facebook, to scroll back to october 2010 and read a document I wrote then? I don't think so! Here on this blog you will be able to reach a specific update very fast, it's organised. I will still post a link every day to the fansite on Facebook but the actual document will be uploaded here on the blog. I hope you all will follow me here and hope you understand how much better it is toi use this blog. Thanks for being loyal and following my daily Elvis updates for so long! It's for you I do this every day! Best wishes /Michael Tavic

p.s. If you wanna contact me with suggestions, questions or discussion, please write to; kaijzer@hotmail.com and I will be very happy if you comment my posts here! d.s.

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