söndag 2 oktober 2011

Elvis - october 2


Elvis does his first and only performens at "Grand Ole Opry"
of the WSM-Radiostation in Nashville. After that, Jim Denny advises him that he
can better drive a truck. After that Elvis performed by "Midnight Jamboree Radio Show".


The Colonel was debating with RCA about a new five year contract.
Elvis would receive an advance of $135.000 against 5 % royalty together with a weekly payment of $1.000. However he was required to make at least 10 appearances
in person or on radio or television to promote his recordings.
The contract was signed on October the 18th.


Elvis was assigned to the Ray Kaserne barracks in Friedberg.
Before he was declared off-limits to the press, there was a news conference,
at which Elvis answered all the now well known questions of the reporters


In Palm Springs at the Frontier Gun Shop Elvis bought 6 guns and a pair of derringers along with ammunition.


Elvis performed at the Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota at 8:30 p.m. The crowd was 17163 and Elvis wore "Peacock" suit with original belt.


The bodies of both Elvis and Gladys Presley were moved to the Meditation Garden behind Graceland. This took place under supervision of Sam Thompson.

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