lördag 1 oktober 2011

Elvis - october 1


Elvis performed in "Eagle`s Nest" Memphis


Elvis performed in Schreveport "Louisiana Hayride" Louisiana


Elvis recorded an extra verse of Love Me Tender on the Fox sound stage for use over
the final credits of the movie.
The backing vocals and strings were subsequently overdubbed.


Elvis appeared on a WMCT radio and TV fund raising event in Memphis,
where he told the audience that the shooting of his next movie would begin on October 30.
He didn't sing here.


At 8.46 a.m. the USS Randall docked at the German port of Bremerhaven,
where were over 1500 fans and an army of press.
Elvis and his battalion took a troop train from Bremerhaven to Friedberg,
arriving at 7.30 p.m.


Elvis completed dubbing on Paradise Hawaiian Style after which he left for Memphis.


Elvis attended Dewey Philips funeral at the Memphis Funeral Home,
where 10 years earlier the funeral of his mother were held too.
He offered Dewey's widow his condolences and said: Mrs. Dorothy, Dewey was my friend.


Elvis performed at the University of Notre Dame's Athletic and Convention Centre,
South Bend, Indiana

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