söndag 30 oktober 2011

Elvis - october 30


Elvis performed in "Eagle`s Nest" Memphis


Elvis is back in his new home at Gettwel road.
He takes the B-side by Sun Studio's "Trying To Get To You".


Elvis and his friends returned to Memphis by train after staying in New York City


After Elvis travelled to Nashville by bus he joined all the regular Nashville musicians and backup singers. They worked with intense concentration and Elvis completed not only his album His Hand In Mine, but also single version of Surrender. However Elvis was not satisfied with Crying In The Chapel, so this song was not released for another 5 years.


Elvis flew to Las Vegas. He was spotted by a gossip columnist Rona Barrett at the blackjack tables with a woman on each arm. Rona wrote in her column: " everybody is commenting on how good Elvis Presley looks these days while he's having fun at the International". Elvis answer in response was: "That's what a bad marriage does for you"


This was the second night the musicians were together in the Jungle Room for a RCA recording session. They recorded a couple of instrumental tracks while waiting for Elvis to appear. Finally Elvis did, but only for a short time while there was a delivery of a shipment of Harley Davidsons. Elvis insisted to take them for trial runs up and down the driveway and to Linda's home, just around the corner. After that Elvis appeared again in the Jungle Room, but now he had a Thompson submachine with him to play with. Finally, it was almost morning,
he apologized to the group admitting he was not in the good mood to record anything.
So the session was called off. Elvis arranged for all the musicians a ride home, even went so far to give J.D. Sumner his white limousine to ride back to Nashville in style.

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