tisdag 4 oktober 2011

Elvis - october 4


Elvis performed in "The Boys Club Gymnasium" Paris, Texas


Elvis joined Vernon, Minnie, Red West and Lamar Fike for dinner,
after they checked in at a hotel in Bad Homburg. A crowd gathered outside.


With the Dodge Motor Home Elvis and the gang drove back from the shooting
of Paradise Hawaiian Style to Memphis. They made their usual stop at the Holiday
Inn on Route 66 in Albuquerque.


Elvis flew to Los Angeles with Sonny West, Joe Esposito, Billy Smith, Gee Gee Gambill and Charlie Hodge.


Elvis went to the Crosstown Theater to watch Gone With The Wind.


Elvis performed at the Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan at 8:30 p.m. The crowd was
17105 and Elvis wore "Chinese Dragon" suit with original belt.


Elvis was spotted riding on his motorcycle in Memphis.
After that he left to join Linda Thompson at her new apartment not far from her
old one in West L.A.

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