fredag 24 februari 2012

Elvis - february 24


Elvis performed in "The South Side Elementary School", Bastrop, Louisiana at 7.30 and 9.30 PM.
This is the last show with "Jamboree Attraction Tour".


Elvis performed in "The New Basball Park" Jacksonville, Florida


Elvis finally completed the version of Loving You that would appear on record.
He also kept his promise to Sam Philips to record When It Rains It Really Pours,
which he didn't completed at Sun. After the conclusion of this recording session Sholes
had 7 finished masters from 2 days of work.


With filming once again completed, Elvis had returned to Memphis,
where he hold a rehearsal with Scotty, DJ, the Nashville session players and
the Jordanaires at Graceland for his Memphis charity show.


After shopping for clothes in Beverly Hills, Elvis flew to Las Vegas.


Elvis and Priscilla remained in Las Vegas to attend Ann-Margret's opening at the International.


Elvis and Linda attended Ann-Margret's opening. Then they remained in Las Vegas along with
Elvis' Memphis karate instructor, Kang Rhee, who conducted karate classes in the suite.

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