tisdag 28 februari 2012

Elvis - february 28


Back in Memphis Elvis had a car accident.


Due to the telephone the day before from Dr. Nichopoulos, the Colonel was furious the he had been unable even to get Elvis on the phone. He issued a warning to Marty Lacker, whose job it was to keep lines of communication open. "We have spent hundreds of dollars in at least 3 weeks on telephone calls and have accrued practically no information whatsoever and this must stop", he wrote, adding that things may soon "come to a head, where we will have some proper assignment, whether it be you or someone else where we have a definite immediate contact at all times."


Priscilla arrived in California with Lisa Marie and Joanie Esposito and her 2 daughters.


Elvis performed at the Annual Texas Livestock Show, Houston, Astrodome, at 2.00 and 7.45 p.m. The evening crowd of 43,614 was a record for indoor rodeo performances in any area.
Priscilla flew in to attend the nest day's show as rumors appeared in the Houston papers
about a possible breakup of her marriage.


Just before leaving to go out on tour, Elvis saw a Dr. Kantor in Beverly Hills,
about throat problems.

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