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Elvis - february 8


Elvis performed in "The Ambassador Theater" Raleigh, North Carolina at 2.30 4.30, 7.00 and 9.00 PM


Janie Wilbanks, the girl that Elvis met at the Memphis train station when the troop train passed through, had come to Germany, to visit her uncle, and stayed with Elvis for nearly a week. On most Sundays, Elvis, Red, Lamar, Rex, Charlie Hodge and some other friends played touch football on a vacant lot down the street.


Elvis stopped at the Skyrider Hotel in Phoenix on a trip to Los Angeles.


Elvis filmed the "Bossa Nova Baby" sequence of Fun in acapulco.


During a horse-buying expedition in Mississippi, Elvis came across Twinkletown Farm,
about 10 miles south of Graceland. The property was for sale and Elvis decided to buy it.
He renamed it Circle G and the ranch became the new home for Elvis' growing herd of horses and over the next few weeks Elvis and the guys adopted the cowboy life, as Elvis undertook extensive and rapid-fire improvements to the property.

( Photos from february 8, 1968, taken outside Graceland )


Elvis performed at the Showroom, International Hotel, Las Vegas at 8.30 PM and midnight


Elvis performed at the Showroom, International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.


Elvis performed at the Showroom, Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas.


Elvis performed at the Showroom, Las Vegas, Hilton, Las Vegas.


Elvis performed at the Showroom ,Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas.


The musicians were waiting down at Graceland for another recording session,
but Elvis didn't even appear, which ended Elvis' first official home recording session.
Although it had been a hard week for everyone, Felton Jarvis was at least able to deliver to RCA 12 masters.

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