onsdag 11 januari 2012

Elvis - january 11


Elvis performes at High school gym, New Boston TX
Tom Parker first takes notice of Presley's name after Texarkana, AK, DJ
"Uncle Dudley" reports on the crowd frenzy at tonight's show.


Elvis records: "I'm Counting On You," "I Was The One" (RCA Studios, Nashville, TN)


Tom Parker holds a press conference at the Hawaiian Village Hotel
to announce that Elvis has decided to perform a rare charity concert for the
USS Arizona memorial, dedicated to the ship attacked during the raid on Pearl Harbor in 1941.


Although Elvis and Priscilla both plead with her parents to let her stay in Memphis,
she is ordered on a plane back to Germany.


Elvis convinces his dentist Max Shapiro to fly down to Palm Springs along with his fiancee
and get married, with Larry Geller performing the ceremony.
Elvis then says, "Ginger, I haven't asked you before, but I would like us to get married,
and I want Larry to do it the same way he married Dr. Max and Susan, so what do you think, do you want to?"

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