fredag 13 januari 2012

Elvis - january 13


Elvis performed in "The Catholic Club" Helena, Arkansas


Like the day before Elvis again went to Radio Recorders. This time from noon to 11.00 p.m.
Among the songs he recorded was Peace In The Valley, which Elvis had already performed at
the Ed Sullivan show. Take My Hand, Precious Lord was also recorded today.


Elvis sent a telegram to the Colonel: "Regarding the Beatles.
I feel the same way as you feel about them, I just hope the fans over here are as good to them as the fans in England are to me. Sincerely yours, Elvis Presley."
This appeared to be a "canned" telegram.


Elvis appears at American Sound for his first session, and though the band is skeptical,
due to his status and entourage, Presley removes all doubt with the first cut, a song called
"Long Black Limousine." Chips would later remember actually sensing Elvis'
presence when he arrived in the parking lot. Ending at four a.m., the sessions clearly
reinvigorate the King, and he tells the Mafia "that felt really great...
I just want to see if I can have a Number One record one more time." He does, with "Suspicious Minds,"
a song Chips specifically sets aside for Elvis to record on the 22nd.


Back in Los Angeles, Elvis obtained more firearms as well as 22 additional TCB pendants.


Elvis begins rehearsals for his upcoming Vegas shows.


After midnight, the "late show" concert is broadcast to Asia, the "worldwide" satellite broadcast that would be taped for an album and American TV special entitled Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii. The show receives rave reviews, breaks all ratings records in Japan, and prompts a congratulatory, heartfelt letter from the Colonel. Four songs are taped onstage after the concert for the US broadcast.

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