torsdag 5 januari 2012

Elvis - january 5

( The photos were taken january 5 1958 at the set of King Creole )


Elvis records: "Casual Love Affair" (Sun studios, Memphis, TN)


Elvis makes a concert in City Auditorium, San Angelo TX ( 8:00 PM )


Elvis is for the first time at RCA-studio in Nasville, McGavockstreet 1525


Elvis was granted leave from January 5, through January 17. He also got permission to travel to Paris.


Elvis rents out the Memphis Memphian theater for another of his many all-night movie matinees, attended only by Elvis, his family, and members of the "Memphis Mafia."
Tonight, he views the as-yet-unreleased George C. Scott biopic Patton, which so mesmerizes the King that it becomes his favorite film, edging out the previous titleholder, Dr. Strangelove.
As is his habit with a film he loves, Elvis will memorize every line, especially the famous opening "pep talk" the General gives to his troops.


Elvis returned from Dallas to Memphis.

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