fredag 20 januari 2012

Elvis - january 20


Elvis performed in "The Leachville High School Gym" Leachville, Arkansas


Elvis performed in "The North Side Coliseum" Fort Worth, Texas


Principal photography for the new Paramount picture began.
While working on this picture Elvis met one of his idols: Marlon Brando in the studio commissary.


Elvis was promoted to act as a sergeant 3 days after reporting back for duty.


Elvis bought 2 horses this day: a bay mare and a buckskin mare.


Elvis returned to American at 9.00 p.m. with the firm determination to record In The Ghetto about which he had doubts at first, but eventually was convinced the song could become a hit. He did 23 takes, which occupied most of the evening and he left at 4.00 a.m.


Elvis put down a deposit of $75,000 on a Boeing 707.


After hearing Don Kinney, a Denver television newsman, joking on the air about Elvis'
generosity and telling he wanted a car too, Elvis bought him a Seville.
Meanwhile the vacation in Denver wasn't a great success and Jerry Schilling quitted for good, telling Elvis that "friendship is more important than the job".


Felton Jarvis had arranged for Elvis to record at Buss Cason's new up-to-date Nashville studio, Creative Workshop. Felton was confident that Elvis would feel at home there. The band was Elvis' own, plus Chip Young on guitar and Randy Cullers on percussion. But just hours before the scheduled start, Joe Esposito called to say Elvis had not yet left Memphis.

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