tisdag 3 januari 2012

Elvis - january 3


Elvis makes 2 shows this day ( 6 and 8 PM ) in Von Theatre, Boonville MS


Elvis went shopping for clothes at Lansky's.


For a little while now horses were very popular with Elvis and the boys.
They only rent out the Memphian for movies four times this month.
Almost everything had to do with horseback riding these days.
During the next 2 weeks Elvis would not only purchase his own favorite horse,
which he renamed in Rising Sun, but he also bought a horse for his father.


For the second time in his career, Elvis makes a formal complaint to RCA about the
mastering of his latest single, in this case "Guitar Man," which has again been
remixed in the process to bring Elvis' vocal way out front.


Elvis is back in the studio and records songs like "In the Ghetto". The king is back and he will stay on his throne for the remaining years of his short life.


Elvis spent over $3,900 to remodel 2 rooms and a bathroom in the basement of Graceland
to be used as an apartment for Charlie Hodge.


Due to toothache Elvis went to the dentist.


Elvis flew Ginger and her family to Harrison, Arkansas, to attend the funeral of Ginger's grandfather.

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