måndag 9 januari 2012

Elvis - january 9


Elvis twinbrother, Jesse Garon Presley is burried in a nameless grave at Priceville Cemetery Tupelo.


In a long letter, the Colonel suggested to Elvis that he should make home tape recordings,
with only his voice and a piano. The Colonel even told RCA about this, but nothing came from this idea. However, Elvis did in fact made a couple of tapes.


Again Elvis went "horse buying" today and bought 3 more horses today.


Elvis flew with 2 of the guys to Dallas for a few days.


Elvis is voted one of the Most Outstanding Young Men of the Year for 1970 by the national board of the Junior Chamber of Commerce ( known as the Jaycees). It would become one of Presley's most treasured achievements, honoring as it does men who have made the most of America's "free enterprise" system.
He will bring the award with him wherever he tours for the rest of his days.
Elvis flew to Los Angeles and then to Palm Springs for the weekend, where he bought another $3,500 worth of guns and gun related equipment.


Elvis arrives in Hawaii and begins rehearsal for his upcoming Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii special.


Elvis urged his dentist, Max Shapiro to marry his fiancée in Palm Springs.
Then Elvis got Larry Geller to perform the ceremony on the spot, with Elvis supplying the rings and Ginger as maid of honor.
He took the occasion to muse out loud about the possibility of his marrying Ginger in the near future.

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