lördag 21 januari 2012

Elvis - january 21


Elvis performed in "The Nation Guard Armory" Sikeston, Mississippi.


Elvis performed in Schreveport "Louisiana Hayride" Louisiana.


At Paramount Elvis worked on 2 versions of Loving You: a fast and a slow version.
But after 11 hours he still was not satisfied with the results.


The production on the new Hal Wallis picture, Fun In Acapulco, began.


Again Elvis worked another long night at American from 8.00 p.m. to 4.00 a.m.
He recorded Hey Jude and From A Jack To A King. But most of the time he was busy
overdubbing vocal parts with the female singers.


Elvis began with the rehearsals at the Hilton Showroom with the whole group at noon,
continuing for the next 2 days.


Early in the morning Elvis flew to Las Vegas.


Finally Elvis arrived in Nashville, but without Ginger.
The delay was due by his attempts to persuade her to accompany him.
After registering at the Sheraton South Hotel, Elvis stayed in his room complaining of a sore throat, while the musicians were waiting in the studio, but in fact Elvis was not feeling well because Ginger was not with him.

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