måndag 19 december 2011

Elvis - december 19


Elvis goes shopping in Memphis. He buys for $39,04 by the juweler and $50 by Lansky.
Also, Elvis performes at Ellis auditorium, Memphis TN. This was a christmas charity musical show. (8:00)


Elvis received an informal word from Memphis draft board chairman Milton Bowers,
that his induction notice had been drawn and was waiting for him.


Having apparently made his decision, Elvis meets Priscilla at his father's house in Memphis,
where she has driven in from New York City with father Vernon and stepmother Dee.
Elvis wanted to show Priscilla Graceland by him self.
Priscilla is nervous, and Elvis prescribes some sleeping pills which leave her asleep for the better part of two days.


Elvis was interviewed by the Memphis Commercial Appeal and talked about Christmas time as well as in the past as in the present: "Everything is so dreamy when you are young. After you grow up it kind of becomes just real."


Back at Graceland, and echoing the sentiments that have caused Presley to stay away from the Colonel, Priscilla and Elvis' father Vernon attempt to corner him to express disapproval over his lavish spending habits.
Infuriated, Elvis flies to Washington D.C., then Dallas, then Los Angeles,
where he contacts Mafioso Jerry Schilling and essentially disappears from his wife and family. Later, fellow Mafioso Sonny West will be allowed to tell his family that he is safe, but no more.

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