fredag 30 december 2011

Elvis - december 30


Elvis received a letter from the Colonel that there were rumors in the press about parties at the hotel. So the Colonel cautioned Elvis to maintain a low profile.


Again the purchase of the day was a horse, along with a great deal of equipment for riding..


Elvis returned to Washington D.C. with 8 friends, including ex-sheriff Bill Morris, for a visit to the headquarters of the National Sheriffs Association. Elvis took out memberships for everyone to that they would all be eligible for automatic life insurance policies. Morris had also promised to arrange for an appointment with J. Edgar Hoover, but once again this failed. However, the group did went on a special tour at the FBI headquarters the next day.


Priscilla and Lisa Marie flew back to Los Angeles. Following their departure,
Elvis announced to everyone that Priscilla was leaving him. She hadn't told him why,
he said, simply that she no longer loved him.


For the first time, Colonel Parker is forced to cancel an entire engagement,
not just a show here and there, due to Elvis' increasingly erratic behavior.
In writing, the Colonel directs the management of the Vegas Hilton to contact Dr. Ghanem for "the proper interpretation for the appropriate press release."
Elvis telegrammed the Colonel: "Dear Colonel, I appreciate your signing any papers necessary for me while I am recuperating. The best from all the boys and myself. Happy New Year, Elvis."


Elvis performed at "The Omni" in Atlanta, Georgia at 8:30 p.m. The crowd was 17000 and Elvis wore "1974 Arabian" suit with the "V-neck" suit belt.

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