lördag 3 december 2011

Elvis - december 3


Elvis performes in Texarkana AR


Elvis performed in "The State Coliseum" Montgomery, Alabama. The crowd was 15.000


Elvis purchased a new 1957 2 door hardtop Eldorado Cadillac Seville for $8,400.


The NBC special was aired at 9.00 p.m. and was viewed by 42 % of the viewers, giving NBC its biggest rating victory of the year. However the special was called "Singer presents Elvis".
The press was critical but loved it too. Los Angeles Times: "I don't think many viewers care to see singers sweat on TV, but there is no question: Elvis is back".


Elvis made a big donation of $7,000 to the LA Police community relations program, however, he requested that the gift could be stay unknown to the public.
A little time later, Elvis received a gold commissioner's badge from Chief Davis.
On this same date Elvis went shopping at Kerr's Sporting Goods.
It took 4 salesmen to help him, because he made purchased not only for himself,
but as well as for friends and even customers who were wandering in off the street.


Elvis returned to Los Angeles from Palm Springs and within a few days he flew to Dallas.


Elvis returned to Dr. Ghanem's home during this week, accompanied by Linda Thompson and Charlie Hodge. He had to undergo a second "sleep diet".


Elvis Performes at the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas at dinnertime ( 10:00 PM ).
Crowd was 2200 and Elvis wore V-neck suit with the original belt.


Elvis performes at Las Vegas Hilton hotel 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM.
At 10:00 Elvis wore the Chief suit with the second belt and at 1 AM he wore Blue Swirl with the White two-piece suit belt. Both times the show was offcourse soldout,
giving 4400 fans in total the chance to see Elvis live.

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