tisdag 20 december 2011

Elvis - december 20


Elvis picked up his draft notice and went to Sun Records.
In the evening Elvis left for Nashville to deliver the Colonel's Christmas present in person: a red Isetta sports car.


Elvis returned to Bad Nauheim at the conclusion of maneuvers. Elisabeth Stefaniak had promised him to come over and work for him as his secretary to help him with the enormous amount of fan mail the Colonel had sent to Germany.


Elvis finishes filming Kid Galahad and flies to Las Vegas in order to avoid spending the holidays with his father Vernon and his new wife Dee at Graceland.


Having finished with the clothes, Elvis purchases two horses for himself and Priscilla, as well as two for Jerry Schilling and his fiancee, Sandy Kawelo.


Elvis bought the Colonel a 18 karat gold Accutron calendar wristwatch for $595 and a second one for Tom Diskin. Elvis purchased a new grand piano for Graceland as well today.


Elvis flew home to Memphis and arrived early in the morning. In the evening he went to the movies,
like he would do almost every night while he was in Memphis.


Flying back to Washington, Elvis finds himself sharing the commercial flight with senator George Murphy of California. The two begin to talk about the tumult in American society, and Elvis composes a hand-written letter to President Richard Nixon, essentially asking for a Bureau of Narcotics badge. Murphy delivers the note when he lands.


Elvis gives Ginger Alden a Cadillac Seville and a white Lincoln.

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