onsdag 21 december 2011

Elvis - december 21


After visiting and conferring with the Colonel, Elvis attended the Grand Ole Opry,
accompanied by Gordon Stoker, who took him to a clothing store where he purchased a tuxedo for the evening. Elvis spent the evening chatting with performers backstage and even made a brief appearance to wave at the audience.
Before he left for Memphis he changed back into his old clothes and threw the tuxedo in the trash


Elvis leased a white BMW 507 sports car. He had already a black Mercedes as well as a Volkswagen. That last one was used by Red and Lamar.
Over Christmas Elvis and his friends fooled around with the new tape recorder,
singing songs like Danny Boy and Mona Lisa.


Elvis arrived in Washington and was picked up at the airport.
He dropped off his letter to the president at 6.30 a.m. Then he checked into the Hotel Washington again. Elvis tried to get in touch with the BNDD's director John Ingersoll. This failed, but there was a call from President Nixon's deputy counsel, asking Elvis to meet him in 45 minutes at the Old Executive Office Building on the White House grounds. There Elvis, Sonny and Jerry met with President Nixon. To everyone's surprise, except for Elvis' , they really hit it off, and Elvis left the following day with that what he came for: the BNDD badge.


Elvis went to the Memphian and saw Dirty Harry and Straw Dogs.
He would screen Shampoo and Soul Soldier 2 days later.

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