söndag 4 december 2011

Elvis - december 4


Elvis performed at the Municipal Auditorium in Shrevport, Louisiana Hayride ( 8:00 PM )


Elvis performed in "The Lyric Theater" Indianapolis, Indiana This is the first day with "The Hank Snow Show" tour.


Elvis and Marilyn Evans, a showgirl from Las Vegas, went to the Sun recording studio.
They came in in the middle of a recording session of Carl Perkins.
Elvis stayed to jam with Carl as well as with Jerry Lee Lewis, who was the piano player on the session. Sam Philips taped the whole thing and the results became well known as the Million Dollar Quartet session.


Through Colonel Parker, Elvis is signed on to a benefit concert in Hawaii
to raise funds for the USS Arizona memorial.
(The battleship was one of several sunk during Pearl Harbor.)


Elvis and Priscilla completed their purchase of the new home at 144 Monovale for $339,000. This house was considerably larger than the one on Hillcrest. It provided bedrooms for the entourage and their wives as well, and the grounds around it offered everyone some privacy.
Elvis bought 7 more TCB pendants as well as other jewelry at Schwartz and Ableser.


Elvis again performes at Hilton hotel in Las Vegas NV, 10:00 P.M. with a crowd of 2200. Elvis wore the Totem Pole suit.


Elvis makes 2 concerts at Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas NV. The first one is a dinnerconcert at 10:00 PM and the other one is 2 hours later, at midnight. Both times the crowd was 2200. at 10 P.M. Elvis wore The Egyptian suit with Indian head belt and at midnight he wore red phoenix suit with the second belt.

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