fredag 2 december 2011

Elvis - december 2


Elvis performed in "The Catholic Club" Helena, Arkansas.


Elvis performed in "The Sports Arena" Atlanta, Georgia. He gets $300.


Elvis calls Priscilla and invites her to Graceland for the Christmas holidays.
She arrives on December 8.


Elvis performed at the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas NV.
The crowd was 2200 and Elvis wore V-neck suit with the original belt.
Elvis makes up for his canceled Vegas dates with what all agree is a spirited and energetic show.


After 2 days of rest Elvis is fit for fight again.
Everything is just like december 2 the year before. The opening of his Las Vegas season starts at the Hilton Hotel and is seen by 2200 happy fans.
This time Elvis wore the 1974 arabian suit with V-neck suit belt.

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