fredag 23 december 2011

Elvis - december 23


Elvis, Scotty and Bill gets a ticket. Elvis said later in a interview:
"I thought: Here goes my Christmas money for a traffic ticket.
But the officer let us go with a warning. After the officer left,
the 3 of us got out of the car and counted our money by the car headlights.
The money was mostly in dollar bills. Man, that was the most money I ever had in my pockets at one time! I blew the whole bundle the next day for Christmas presents."


Elvis finishes filming Wild In The Country.


With Elvis having admitted to the Margret affair, and with all things apparently forgiven, Priscilla spends Christmas with Elvis at Graceland.
However, she would later claim she could never fully trust him again.


Elvis flew back to Memphis with Linda and Lisa Marie.

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